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4 Steps to Getting a Quality Home Inspection

1. Ask to see the home inspector's credentials.
Home inspectors should always have a copy of their license, and some type of experience or references on them. Going with an established company that has a website and other ads is a good idea. Companies that have been around for a while tend to be more efficient and reliable. Don't settle for any inspector, feel free to shop around until you find the one that is best for you.

2. Get the checklist ahead of time.
If you have a checklist to look over, you can go through and decide if you would like any other areas of the home inspected that are not included on the list. There is nothing wrong with asking your home inspector to look over an additional part of the home if you find that it is not on the checklist.

3. Perform your own inspection first.
Just like reviewing the inspector's checklist beforehand, performing your own mini inspection can help ease your mind. When you go through your potential new home and perform your own inspection, you can pick out problems that you notice and jot them down on paper to ask about later. Even though you cannot do a thorough inspection, you can often notice small issues that could be signs of larger scale problems.

4. Ask questions.
The home inspection is a service that you are paying for, and a home inspector should never have a problem with you asking questions about the home. Inspectors are there to look through and ensure the safety of your home, and if you are unclear about something they have said or done, you should always ask. Asking thorough questions during your home inspection will allow you to receive a higher level of service than you would if you were silent or not present at all.