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Seek Greater Enlightenment

Seek Greater Enlightenment You want to present your home for sale in the best possible light. Many real estate professionals advise their clients to flip on the light switches before a showing, but often the advise stops there. Proper illumination makes a home feel warm, inviting, and even larger and more open.

How can you present your home in a better lights?

1. Use clear light bulbs. Place new incandescent light bulbs in all fixtures so they don't  risk burning out in the middle of a showing. Choose clear light bulbs over opaque for a cleaner look. Also, avoid mismatched bulb types.

2. Reconsider energy-efficient bulbs. While a home is being shown, recommend using halogen flood bulbs, they are more energy-efficient than incandescent flood light bulbs. If you opt for CFLs, note that they come in two types: soft white and white. Soft white is preferable and more natural.

3. Watch the wattage. Use the highest wattage possible for fixtures to brighten the home. But use 30-watt bulbs in wall sconces in the bathroom to create a softer light setting. Higher wattage bulbs can give a harsh glare in the bathroom.

4. Clean light fixtures. Brush off dusty lamp shades, scoop up the dead flies lingering inside the fixtures, and remove any spider webs dangling from chandeliers. When all the lights are turned on in home, everything becomes more exposed.

5. Brighten the exterior windows. Take more advantage of natural light by removing window screens, this can make a home look brighter from the inside and out, and don't forget to wash those windows, too.

6. Replace dated light fixtures. Brass fixtures are passé. Swap out dated models for modern look featuring oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel, for example. Discount retailers offer plenty of affordable lighting options.

7. Add lights. Soften the look by adding wall sconces or decorative lamps to side tables and nightstands. For a dark kitchen, consider buying battery-operated, circular push lights to stick under the cabinets for an extra source of light. Or use them to illuminate a dark closet shelf.

8. Add a mirror. Mirrors can be used to bounce light and make a home look brighter and its walls higher. Place a mirror opposite a lighting fixture to project more light into a room or to catch natural light entering through a window. Mirrors also work well in a dark area of a home and "give the feeling of a window, even if there isn't one".

9. Open the windows. Remove draperies that prevent natural light from flowing in. Instead, use window coverings with clean lines, such as wood blinds. Valances and side panels of curtains can " eat up space and light". Lift up roller shades or Venetian blinds all the way, or tilt them open, but don't leave them half-way up, which creates a messy look.