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November 2012 Newsletter


Pelican Real Estate Newsletter

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131 Nursery Rd E
6638 sq. ft. 4 bed, 4 bath
122 Seascape Blvd
1175 sq. ft. 2 bed, 2 bath
3597 Waverly Cir
1000 sq. ft. 2 bed, 2 bath
November 2012 Property tax cheats facing crackdown    Florida jobless rate to remain weak

Experts Optimistic on Housing Recovery After Foreclosures Reach Five-year Low


Many people have failed to notice that the real estate market is starting to show surprising signs of strength. The latest piece of good news has come from a report by RealtyTrac, an internet company that specializes in the foreclosure market. According to their most recent numbers, year-over-year foreclosure filings fell by 16% in September, reaching their lowest levels since 2007. In addition, given that year-over-year foreclosure filings have declined for 24 consecutive months... Read More


How Holidays And Home Improvements Affect Home Sales


With the holidays quickly approaching you might be wondering if this is a good time to sell your house. And what about home improvements and open houses? Here are some tips and advice from a real estate expert on how all of these things affect home sales. If your home has been for sale for a few months, should you take it off the market for the holidays? Do people buy homes between Thanksgiving and Christmas? This is a question that gets asked a lot at this time of year because people are rather tired of "fighting the battle" so to speak. But for anybody who is serious about selling their home, I highly recommend that you keep your house on the market. ... Read More

Tips to Organize a Flawless Family Thanksgiving


Make a guest list.
Set up a Facebook or Evite event and ask people to RSVP by Facebook, email or phone. You'll need a good idea of how many people are coming by at least November 17.

Create a detailed shopping list.
Make a note of all the dishes other people are bringing, then use your cookbooks to make a shopping list for everything else. Visit the grocery store at least a week in advance... Read More

Increase Your Garden's Appeal with Props


Test your home's aroma by going outside for at least ten minutes, and then re-enter with your olfactory senses on high alert. What strikes your nose first? Visitors make snap judgments, sometimes subliminally, based on what they smell as they walk through your front door. Any effort to improve the visual greeting will crumble a bit in the face of unpleasant odors. Read on for the best way to create a welcoming... Read More

Home Decor Evolution: Trends to Try for an Instant Update


Gone are the days when a stylish home and a busy family have to be mutually exclusive. Home decorating is hotter than ever and everyone is getting in on the trend.

With an ever-increasing focus on DIY design projects, resources such as shelter magazines, design blogs, TV shows and online home decor retailers are making high design accessible to any homeowner. If your budget doesn't include hiring an interior decorator to update your... Read More

Seller Mistakes in a Hot Market


A recent article written by Tara-Nicholle Neslon outlines the "5 Mistakes Sellers Make in a Hot Market".  Over Confidence..

Sellers can miss out on offers because they think that their home is worth more than the market suggests... Read More

Mortgage Applications Remain Near Three-year High


The Mortgage Bankers Association's seasonally adjusted index of mortgage application activity fell 1.2 percent in the first week of October. The index measures mortgage applications for both home purchases and refinancing; the former rose, while the latter dropped. Refinancing applications fell 2 percent, but even with the decline, the volume of applications still remains close to three-year highs. Meanwhile, the gauge that measures the number of loan requests from home buyers rose 2.4 percent. Applications... Read More

The Pros and Cons of Adjustable-Rate Mortgages


When it was revealed that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had refinanced his home with an adjustable-rate mortgage, many people could not figure out what was more shocking: a multibillionaire taking out a loan on a $7 million house or the 1.05 percent interest rate that Zuckerberg received on the loan. With interest rates at historic lows, adjustable-rate mortgages do not seem to offer much of an advantage for potential home buyers. Of course, for someone as rich as Zuckerberg, the risks are essentially nonexistent. If interest rates suddenly spiked, he could easily pay off the mortgage; alternatively, he would benefit from significantly below-market interest payments if rates remained low. Most people cannot get the same sweetheart deal when it comes to adjustable-rate... Read More

5 Ways to Make Real Estate Affordable


With rents rising rapidly, the appeal of leasing is waning. Meanwhile, ultra-low interest rates and deeply discounted properties make buying an appealing option. Here are some ways you can buy property, even if your income is low or your credit isn't perfect.

Consider a duplex or triplex.
Duplexes usually cost less per square foot than single-family homes, and the rent from the extra unit can make monthly payments very affordable. You'll also be able to write off all sorts of expenses. This solution is great for those with good credit and plenty of cash, but relatively low incomes.

Buy with family.
Compatible family members can buy property together. An in-law arrangement may be ideal, allowing mom and dad to help the kids and get...Read More

Is DIY Renovation Worthwhile for Homeowners?


Renovating your own home is deeply satisfying and—if you know what you're doing—can be a smart financial decision. On the other hand, renovations are easier on paper than in real life. A simple project can spiral into an over-budget nightmare of frustration.

Here are a few things to think about before starting your next home renovation project.

The Cost of the Project
There are two main types of savings... Read More

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