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Tips to Organize a Flawless Family Thanksgiving

Make a guest list.
Set up a Facebook or Evite event and ask people to RSVP by Facebook, email or phone. You'll need a good idea of how many people are coming by at least November 17.

Create a detailed shopping list.
Make a note of all the dishes other people are bringing, then use your cookbooks to make a shopping list for everything else. Visit the grocery store at least a week in advance.

Put your friends and family to work.
Delegate food preparation, of course, but don't forget about other activities like setting the table, ongoing dishwashing and cleaning up after the party. Put someone in charge of these activities and you'll feel far less stressed.

Engage older children to help with younger ones.
If you have a budding babysitter or two in the family, now is the perfect time to "hire" a little help. Make it easy by setting up activities in advance: videos, art supplies, outdoor toys and indoor toys. Ask all the parents to contribute to the babysitter's pay.

Save the memories.
Ask a friend or relative with photography experience to snap photos throughout the day, and share the pictures as an album on Facebook for everyone to enjoy.